Why Spiral Staircases Are Making A Comeback?


Spiral staircases are known in the architecture world to be a sign of a masterpiece within construction methods due to the small amount of floor space that they require. However, not every spiral staircase is a wonder of architecture. Spiral staircases were originally extremely popular during the medieval period when castles and churches were showcased by their spiral stair case towers. However, as time passed the art slowly became rarer and conventional flights of stairs took the stage. Now, it seems spiral staircases are making a comeback especially in London where floor space comes at a premium. Spiral staircases are suited for modern day living as more and more houses are required and buildable land close to economic centres becomes scarcer.

Spiral staircases are most common in the open plan homes with contemporary designs. Straight stair cases create dead spaces that also cut off the continual eye line of the open planned room. The biggest burden of a conventional, straight staircase is the shadow and its effect on the lighting of the room. Conversely a spiral staircase can be transparent allowing light to flow through it adding warmth.

A wooden spiral staircase can offer an additional architectural aesthetic to the building. There are a lot of readily available, easily installed metal kits that can be used as a cheap generic instalment but they do not offer the same homeliness that a unique wooden staircase which has been built by a bespoke joiner. A skilled craftsman can create a personal staircase that fits the design of your house more than the generic Ikea self-build. The end product will be a staircase that is not only nice to walk up but also nice to look at.

Mezzanine floors can be a simple way of creating more space when extending isn’t an option. They can be used in areas that have high ceilings. In modern architecture, where there is so much emphasis on light and space, mezzanines are commonly used. Spiral staircases are often essential for the success of a mezzanine. They allow the additional space to be created without the loss of too much downstairs space.  Mezzanines are useful architectural quirks that aren’t as efficient when a ladder or flat staircase is used to access them.

Don’t just look up when it comes to spiral staircases. Many modern designs are using spiral stairs as an access point to cellars. The cellars can be used for numerous different things such as wine storage, gyms, or for a games room. Cellars often require steep flights of stairs running down from either the kitchen or the landing which is far from ideal. Modern designers are opting for spiral access routes. A transparent hatch cover can be used allowing the staircase to be placed in the middle of the room without seeming out of place.