Innovative Ways to Use Shipping Pallets in Architecture


Pallets are often used in ware houses to support goods that are being moved by forklift trucks. They are extremely common and are designed to be strong and easily moved around and connected to other pallets. They are therefore, basically giant pieces of LEGOs. They can be used to build pretty much anything. Some great examples range from emergency housing for refugees to loud swankily designed houses and even temporary theatres. Pallets can be found in all shapes and sizes and can be easily shaped to fit different requirements.

American firms have used pallets to create emergency housing. They were looking for new ides of easily package able, cheap materials that could be shipped to location on demand. Pallets were the answer. They have been used all over the world to help people dealing with the disastrous effects of flooding and war. The design for these shelters is pretty simple but effective.

Pallets haven’t only just been used for the outer walls of houses but also for the interior. A London theatre used a combination of different sized shipping pallets in order to create desks that could be used for workers who required the use of computers. They are a good temporary addition that can be cheaply bought and easily sold or re used at other sites which is essential for temporary projects.

Pallets can also be used for gardens. By adding a sheet of wood to the bottom of the pallet you can create a bucket for mud which can then be fertilised and used to grow flowers. The pallets are made of wood so they provide a natural look as well as a quirky design. Garden centres have also used them to make tree houses and viewing towers with in their flower warehouses. The pallets aren’t just for indoors though as they have been taken outside and used for water features among other designs. The Canada Blooms Garden Festival utilised over one hundred pallets in their design and the results were fabulous.

Germany the land of efficiency and technological advances has used pallets to create quirky, low cost houses. A company has been using them to create energy efficient houses that are also low cost to build. A sixty foot house requires approximately eight hundred pallets each of which costs eight euros each meaning that the structure of the entire house cost only six thousand four hundred euros to build. The pallets are easily painted and can be coloured on request.