Architecture: A man’s World?


Architecture News Flash

The Architecture world has been revealed, through a study by the American Institute of Architects, to be for men. In the modern day, many people believe that the idea that men and women should be paid differently to absurd. However, there are still many industries and places, even in the UK and other Western countries, that discriminate against their female employees.

The study showed that the majority female architects described the pay to be considerably lower than that of their male co-workers. Even more claimed that there isn’t gender equality. Female architects believe that in order to be able to advance at the same rate as their male colleagues that they have to; put in longer hours, work less flexible shifts, and put up with insufficient parental leave. Many feel that they have to choose between their careers and their family. This is a situation that shouldn’t be allowed.

The main problem is that women find it hard to advance as quickly to men and this is a widely shared sentiment throughout the whole industry. Female workers believe they have to work harder, more inconvenient work shifts in order to move up the ladder to senior leadership. Statistics back this sentiment up as the majority of senior positions are held by men. This environment is putting off young, intelligent female students from wanting tp pursue acrchitecture as they know it is a man’s world. This perception needs to be changed and the only way to change it is to force equality in the workplace by protecting female architects who speak up.

However, it is not all doom and gloom for female architects. An interview with a prominent architect who has been working in the industry for 12 years revealed that working practices are improving for female architects. She stated that although there is still an unfair gap that she has noticed an improvement year in year out. So while the past and present have been bleak it does seem that the sun is on the horizon as companies come under more and more pressure to establish a fair and safe working environment.